Why I wrote A Counterfeit Priest


The Catholic Church and the papacy have fascinated me ever since my Catholic upbringing as a child. I was fascinated by the theatrical and lofty papal office more for the glitz and glamour of the papacy than for its spiritual meaning to millions of Catholics worldwide. My experiences with the nuns and priest who were my teachers was wonderful. For me it was like living the Sound of Music through my adolescence. I know that many people weren't as fortunate as I was and have had very traumatic sexual experiences with certain members of the Catholic clergy. I truly believe that these cases are the exception not the rule. I also realize that this does not lesson the severity of these circumstances in the least. I believe that the same parallels can be drawn in A Counterfeit Priest, as there are exceptional and exemplary men in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, as well as those who aren't, and appear, for whatever reason get all the attention. When I lived in Rome a number of years ago , I knew because of my interest in the papacy that I wanted to write something about it. i didn't know it at the time but that something would later become A Counterfeit Priest. I truly believe that with my writing on the subject that I have approached the church with honesty and dignity in my novel and screenplay, without losing sight of the fact that the men who run the church, and its many priests and cardinals as well as the pope himself, are first human beings, and second members of the clergy who have foibles as the rest of us. But it's how they choose to handle the humanistic side of their ordained and restricted existence that makes good literature and compelling cinematic drama. I hope you will agree.

Paul Cross